Frequently Asked Questions



In short: The Coronafest is an independent music online stream festival

The long story:

We, the CoronaFest, are a joint project by event industry professionals to promote Austrian indie bands during the Covid-19 crisis. The concept is simple: While, due to important regulations to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, venues are not allowed to be visited, and music enthusiasts as well as numerous musicians have no chance to celebrate this type of social and cultural gathering, we offer precisely these musicians a stage.

Aus einer gemütlichen und persönlichen Filmstudio-Atmosphäre senden wir via professionell produziertem online Video-Stream tägliche, kostenlose Live-Konzerte direkt in den Facebook-, YouTube-, Mixer- oder Twitch-Feed der Zuseher. Unter den auftretenden Bands sind dabei nicht nur die Créme de la Créme  der aufstrebenden IndependentSzene zu finden sondern auch  but also established greats from blues, rock, funk, soul, country or jazz. 

The central part of these exclusive “living room concerts” is the “Virtual Tip Jar”. Fans who are enthusiastic about music, but also all other supporters of the indie scene, have the opportunity to show emerging musicians their appreciation by paying small amounts online and thus  Support artists during the crisis.

No. The streaming offer is absolutely free. *

Du hast jedoch die Möglichkeit, wenn es dir besonders gut gefällt, der Band sowie dem ehrenamtlichen Technik-Personal als Dankeschön unterstützend einen kleinen Betrag zukommen zu lassen.

* Please note that the data consumption for video streams may be higher than your usual data consumption. 

To keep the process as simple as possible on both sides, there are 3 options:

Via Telefonnummer +43 901 500 820

Wähle die Mehrwertnummer +43 901 500 820 – um 5€ zu spenden.
Der Betrag wird von deiner Handyrechnung abgebucht.
(Möglicherweise musst du Mehrwertdienste erst von deinem Handyanbieter freischalten lassen.)

Send money via PayPal

For credit card payment and direct debit donations
— —

Bank Transfer

Send your amount to following SEPA account
Account holder: CoronaAest
Iban: NL42 BUNQ 2043 6163 58
Payment reference: band name

All donations go directly to the musicians and volunteering technicians.  

Der Reinerlös aus den Merchandiseverkäufen geht zu 100% an die Volkshilfe Wien


Of course, it is also our greatest concern to ensure safety, so the following provisions apply to all productions:

  • Mouth / nose protection must be worn at all times and by everyone involved. Only exceptions may be musicians during their performance and shortly before to put on their make-up, etc.

  • Safety distances of at least 1 meter are maintained both on and behind the stage as well as backstage.

  • Technical equipment is operated with disposable gloves without exception.

  • Microphones and similar items are disinfected before and after each show.

Our project serves to promote the independent club music scene. Any help is of course more than welcome.

Please contact us --here--

For Musicians

This is quite simple: We provide you with the technology, the know-how and the staff to produce a professional live stream. 

In addition, money is collected with a virtual tip jar, which is easily distributed to you and the volunteering technicians. (Distribution: total donations divided by people = donation per person)

You may also freely use the filmed material as well as a professional multitrack recording.

Yes and no. In order to be able to participate in the Corona Festival, you must bring the following requirements with you:

  • You are a music group between 3 and 7 musicians
  • You are able to travel to the studio in Vienna and bring your complete backline with you
  • Your setlist is at least 1 hour long (net play time)
  • You are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Ihr spielt Musik mit hohem Unterhaltungswert (Genreunabhängig)
  • You have NO Covid-19 symptoms

Die Termine sind zunächst nur im Juni geplant und werden nach dem „First Come, First Serve“ Prinzip vergeben. 

Please provide: 

  • Complete backline (Musical instruments, amplifiers, drum mats, guitar cables, etc.).
  • Mouth / nose protection

The Studio location is at:

Franzosengraben 11A
1030 Wien

Get in for ALL participating musicians is at 15:30.

Der Aufbau, Soundcheck, Licht-Setup, etc. müssen um jeweils 18:00 habgeschlossen sein. (Bitte beachtet, dass bei einem professionell produzierten Live-Stream unter Umständen ein höherer technischer Aufwand  entsteht als bei einem üblichen „Beislkonzert“ – seid also pünktlich!)

Short answer: "zero"

In order to be able to adhere to the space regulations, no friends, girlfriends, parents, third-party technicians, managers, photographers, make-up artists, fitness trainers or other persons may enter the studio. No EXCEPTIONS. We apologize for any inconvenience.